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Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Intent Statement


Our Curricular Intentions: At Gisburn Primary School it is essential that we provide a memorable, rich and creative curriculum, that allows children to first thrive, and then succeed. We recognise the need to create a sense of aspiration that will open the eyes of our pupils to the diverse and exciting opportunities that lie ahead of them. If the children are to truly fulfil their potential the school must ensure that pupils have a rich vocabulary which contributes to their ability to communicate effectively. We believe that an exciting childhood should be essential for children and therefore we seek to create a programme of enrichment that has the capacity to transport our learners so that they are able to view their world with a sense of excitement, awe and wonder.


Our Implementation Strategies: In order to fulfil the above intentions our curriculum will be supported by a strong network of subject leaders. We will ensure that teachers have a subject knowledge that allows all subjects to be taught with passion and rigour. Additionally, our assessment structures will allow teachers to plan for continuity and progression.