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LCC Music Services

LCC Lunchtime Music Lessons with Mr Bird




I am  Mr Bird, from Lancashire Music Services and I would like to give you a brief flavour of what goes on in extra curricular music lessons at Gisburn School.....


School offers the children lessons in three different areas of instrument; brass, the keyboard and the guitar. The children attend weekly group lessons with me of 30 minutes, which are approximately £4 per lesson, per child, with the group size ideally being no larger than four. During the lessons, the children are given the opportunity to develop their skills on their chosen instrument, whilst also developing their listening skills and their musical ear and hopefully developing their musical appetite further by immersing them in a wide range of different musical genres throughout their learning with me.


I also direct the ‘Preston Music Centre Concert Band’ who have performed at the recent Gisburn Village Fetes. We have performed a wide range of music from the shows and films as well as playing chart music from the 60s, 70s and 80s and have been very warmly received every time the band has been invited to play at school. We even came over from Preston for the ‘Centenary Celebration Cheese and Wine Evening'; thick fog afterwards nearly meant that we had to stay at school for the night!!