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Yrs. 5 & 6 Netball Competition...

On Thursday the 21st June, seven KS2 children took part in a High 5 Netball tournament at Ribblesdale School. As they were quite new to this game, it required some initial working out in terms of positions and marking tactics. Unfortunately, they came up against one of the strongest teams in the tournament first, who were well drilled and regimental in dispatching  side with attackers who towered over our defence. This game taught them a lot and they saw what for they needed to replicate in order to beat other teams. 

In their next game, they were much more organised and all players kept tight to their opposite position. 'M' was very effective at this; she intercepted many of the opposition’s attacks from the centre position. Gisburn had the lion’s share of chances but simply could not get the ball into the net. The game ended with a draw yet heads were high as this performance was a clear improvement from their last. 

Gisburn moved courts to play their last match and were on the attack straight from the centre. 'G' passed to 'L' and then an overhead ball reached 'C', who steadied herself before shooting with perfect accuracy into the goal: Gisburn took the lead. From the following play, 'S' was able to intercept the ball and pass it down the court, where the rest of the team took over before 'G' scored her first point of the tournament. Gisburn continued to dominate and seemed to have the game figured out, as the final whistle blew. We were worthy winners! 

Unfortunately, Gisburn did not progress to the next round but learned a lot from the experience. Thank you to all the parents involved in transportation and support.