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Phonics Programme & Reading Scheme

Phonics Programme


Here at Gisburn School, we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme supported by the use of Jolly Phonics. Jolly Phonics is a synthetic way of learning, whereby the children learn an action for each phoneme (sound). We also use the Phonics Play programme to assist with teacher planning and resources. Children begin to learn phonics in the Reception year and continue until they have mastered up to Phase 6.


In June, Year 1 pupils are tested by the DFE on their Phonic aquisition.

Our Reading Scheme


As you will see from the chart above there are general guidelines about whichbook bands should be covered at each age group. Parents, please remember that children learn in different ways and make progress at different rates. It is possible that there may be seven year olds on the red book band and five year olds on the turquoise book band.


Book bands are usually shown on the back or spine of the book. If parents don’t already know his/her child’s current book band colour, please ask the class teacher.


Rather than worrying about the colour system, our message is that matching the right colour to the child at that moment in time will help him/her to become a competent and confident reader and keep his/her progress in reading moving forwards.


Here at Gisburn School we do not have one sole reading scheme of books but instead, we have a wide variety of books for all levels (coloured bands) to ensure that the children are accessing a wide range of genres and become secure with reading at each level.


Children who read above lime level are reading fairly fluently and should be encouraged to read a wide range of reading material of their choice. Although we refer to children at this stage as ‘free readers’, they should still be given some guidance and support in choosing appropriate things to read.


Not only do children receive their individual reading book from school which will be read both in school to an adult and at home, children are also allocated a ‘guided reading group’ which is a focussed session with the class teacher on a timetabled basis. Children are encouraged to use their reading skills throughout the Curriculum during lesson times. This is in order to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world we live in.


All staff at Gisburn School strongly believe that providing children with opportunities to read for enjoyment, as well as for progression, develops the child’s confidence and all-round love of reading.