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Sporthall Athletics

Yrs. 3 & 4 Sporthall Athletics...

The Year 4 athletics team competed against 10 large schools on Tuesday 23rd to January at Oakhill College.  Each child completed two track and two field events, putting in 100% effort  and winning many of their heats  to come out with extremely well-deserved gold medals!  


Yrs. 5 & 6 Sporthall Athletics...


On Tuesday 16th January, our Yrs. 5 & 6 Indoor Athletics team took part in a Ribble Valley Sportshall event at Roefield, Clitheroe. 

The first event was the obstacle relay, where each team ran through a foot trap, completed 10 speed bounces, leapt over two hurdles and completed an out-and-back of the sports hall. 

The boys’ team was first to compete and were quickly made aware of the quality of the other schools in the competition, coming a respectable 3rd place. The girls found themselves ahead of the competition in their obstacle relay, as they put in a blistering performance and won their first race! 

In the next race, the children completed a shuttle of the sports hall before passing the baton to their teammate, who then did the same. In this, the boys came home in second place. Once again, the girls blew the other racers away with their incredible pace, claiming another win for the team!

At this point, the whole team was beginning to feel more confident and the next event was the 2-shuttle relay; in this, the boys took their first victory and the girls came an impressive 2nd place. 

The final event on the track was the 4 by 1-shuttle relay. With spirits high, the boys’ team went first. All teams in this race were close from start to finish, with positions changing continuously. As the fourth legs of each relay team came in, Gisburn had achieved 2nd place, which for the standard of the race was an excellent result!  Finally, the girls wrapped up the event in emphatic style:  leading their race from the off, the girls seemed to go from strength to strength winning yet another event. 

Following the track races were the field events. Children were high-spirited going into the field events due to their success on the track. Due to limited space around the facility, we were unable to go around and support the athletes. This meant we were unable to track the scores or progress they made throughout the field competition. 

All that was left was the presentation of the scores. Gisburn waited nervously as some of the results were read out and were announced as champions of the small schools competition!  We will have to wait to see if Gisburn will progress to the next round of the competition, as the other competitions in our area have not been run yet. Thank you for all the support of parents and grandparents; hopefully next time there will be more room for spectators!