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Spring Term 2017 News from the Chair

Governing Body Spring Term 2017 News


There have been a lot of reports in the news regarding school budget cuts.  We would like to reassure you that our school budget is currently heathy and not in deficit.  However, not insignificant cuts to school budgets in 2019/2020 are being discussed as part of a consultation with the Department of Education (DfE) but nothing has yet been confirmed.  We will update you when more information from the DfE is known.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Friends of Gisburn School (FOGS) for their ongoing work and parents who support FOGS, as their funds provide valuable additional funding for the school.


With the increase in pupil numbers, we are investigating ways of creating more usable space and are currently looking at proposals with FOGS regarding the school house.  We will keep you posted.


The governing body have met 3 times this term; the Resources Committee and the Standards and Effectiveness Committee (SEC) met in February and the full governing body met in March.  In addition, nominated governors have visited school and governor reports have been received on Mathematics, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Geography, Science, and Safeguarding.


Each class now has a nominated Governor. This term, Doves and Kingfishers have had introductory visits from their Governors who had a chat with both Class teachers and pupils.  Governors were informed about what the children had learnt this term and how the children are taught and assessed, as well as understanding any challenges facing the Class and teacher.  This was a very valuable experience for both Class and Governor and it was lovely to see the great relationship between teachers, teaching assistants and children. It also demonstrated how much work, effort and enthusiasm goes into teaching and learning (both from the teacher and teaching assistants point of view and the pupils).


Several governors have completed online training and the chair has attended a Chairs’ Forum and the Annual Chairs’ Conference which covered OFSTED inspections, world class leadership, Governor’s role in PE and sports premium, and school funding reforms.


Wishing you all a Happy Easter.


The Governing Body of Gisburn School.


Mrs Kate Sherry, Mrs Vanessa Robinson, Mr Allan Clements, Mrs Christine Fish, Mr Richard Gioserano, Mrs Catherine Feber, Mrs Lisa Longton, Mr Stuart Redman, Mrs Harriet Smith, Mr David Varley, Mrs Heather Windle, Mr Frank Wrathall.