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Spring Term 2018 News from the Chair

Governing Body Spring Term 2018 News


We would firstly like to welcome Mrs Lisa McCloskey, our temporary Headteacher, to Gisburn School, along with Mrs Karen Mulcock who is covering Mrs Hartley’s maternity leave in Doves.  


On that note, the Governing Body would like to say a huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hartley on the birth of their daughter who has already visited school! 


Gisburn School was inspected by OFSTED at the end of this term.  The governing body would like to say a huge thank you to all staff for the hard work, dedication and time they contributed to the day, ensuring that it ran as smoothly as possible.  We would especially like to thank Mrs McCloskey who led the school through the inspection admirably despite only being at the school for less than a term.  Thank you to all parents who took the time to fill in the OFSTED parent questionnaire or who spoke to the inspector personally.  We, and all of you will be advised of the outcome when it is published, which we expect to be within a few weeks.
The governing body are in the process of recruiting a permanent headteacher and we will update you when further progress has been made.

The governing body have met this term; the resources committee and the standards and effectiveness (SEC) committees met in February and the full governing body met in March.  In addition, nominated governors have visited school and governor reports have been received on Mathematics, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Able, Gifted and Talented (AGT) and Safeguarding.   Governors also met with Lancashire County Council’s buildings and maintenance representative to discuss maintenance requirements, repairs and building works.

Our training for new and older governors is ongoing, and our vice chair of governors has attended the Annual Chairs’ Conference.

The Governing Body of Gisburn School.

Mrs Kate Sherry, Mrs Vanessa Robinson, Mr Allan Clements, Mrs Christine Fish, Mrs Lisa Longton, Mrs Lisa McCloskey, Mrs Robynne Plant, Mr Stuart Redman, Mrs Harriet Smith, Mr David Varley, Mrs Heather Windle, Mr Frank Wrathall