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'Sunday Best'

Owls, Doves & Eagles have had lots of fun learning all about the different eras, from the 50's to the 90's. Suitcases packed with clothes, footwear, memorabilia and  artefacts for each decade, forming a creative arts project 'Sunday Best'  by Mrs Cerise Ward, were kindly loaned to school as a learning tool.  The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the artefacts, listening to stories from people who lived through the eras and trying the clothes on. Feedback from the children below..


  • 'I thought it was interesting to see how much clothes have changed over the years'.
  • 'I thought it was amazing how they put baby powder on the floor for dancing'.
  • 'I liked listening to what people said about the clothes they wore when they were younger'.
  • 'I liked looking at the Teddy Boy stuff and platform shoes'.
  • 'I didn't realise people had to mend their socks. I just get a new pair if mine have holes in'.
  • 'I liked the aftershave smells and the perfumes'.
  • 'I liked looking at all the different cases'.