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Supporting Child Refugees in Calais

We have learnt about and donated money to charities working to provide food, shelter, education and care to child refugees living alone in Calais...


Below is a thank you from the refugee charity




Sorry for my approximative english !


Thanks a lot for your donation ! The donations are very useful to help refugees : 97 % of our ressources come from donations... among these donations, 75 % come from British citizens (fundraising, schools, muslim or christian communities...).


The french government has evicted the refugees from the Calais camp. Half of them have been sent to places named C.A.O. (Centres d'Accueil et d'Orientation), where they are supposed to apply for asylum in France. Half of them have disappeared, probably they try to hide here or there, mainly in Paris, before coming back near the border.


Your money will be used to buy food for refugees (oil, rice, sugar, milk, beans...) living on Grande-Synthe camp (30 km from Calais) and Norrent-Fontes (20 km from Calais).


Thanks ! Full respect for your action ! 


François, vice-president of l'Auberge des Migrants