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Yrs. 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Union Event May 2018

Yrs. 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Union Event… 

On Tuesday, 22nd May the Yrs. 5 & 6 Tag Rugby team attended a Tag Rugby Union event at Clitheroe Rugby Club. The teams were put into groups initially playing in a round robin format, with group winners subsequently progressing through to play one another.

Our team’s first game was against a well-trained school side. It looked like our players were going to be in for a long game until 'L' took the ball confidently: he charged through his bewildered opponents and scored an incredible try. This seemed to be the turning point for the team, as each player suddenly doubled in confidence. Both teams continued to break through defence lines to score tries and, after 10 minutes, the final score was an impressive 6-4. 

Feeling more relaxed about the game, we were ready to take on the next team. This time we started strongly:  'C' raced to the line to score her first try. 'A', literally following in 'C's footsteps, then cleverly used creative footwork to spin, turn and weave between the defence to score yet another try. However, Balderstone reciprocated and came back with well-worked tries of their own. Theo bravely ran straight at the Balderstone children, making good metres each time. The game continued to be a tight affair and when the final whistle blew, our team had clenched their first, well-earned victory at 6-5. 

Their last group game was against Simonstone and the children played in good spirits with a two all draw. Gisburn learned their fate and were given another set of three fixtures to battle against but due to the tournament format, we were unable to record the other teams. Gisburn went from strength to strength with their tag rugby and won two of their final three games 7-0 and 4-3. Due to the one loss of 4-3, Gisburn narrowly missed out on the overall top spots but were an impressive outfit to watch. All the players strongly adhered to the rules of play, which was an admirable feature to their game. Thank you again to the parents who provided transport and came to support the children. We are extremely proud of the sportsmanship, teamwork and effort of each child.