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Opinions of Our School

Parental Questionnaire 


Following the distribution of a recent parental questionnaire, 50% were returned and the valuable feedback was as follows:-


100% of parents agreed/strongly agreed:-


  • Their child is happy and makes good progress
  • Teaching is good
  • Parents are kept well informed about progress
  • Parents are comfortable about approaching school
  • Staff expect the best
  • School is well led and managed
  • Homework is appropriate
  • Staff encourage children to become mature and independent
  • School is a safe place


95% agreed/strongly agreed with all other areas of the questionnaire.

In the new school year we look at the suggestions made and inform parents of any developments.


A few comments 'What do we do well?'


  • 'Your school is a happy one with kind caring staff who go above and beyond to ensure children are happy'.
  • 'Just about everything'.
  • 'Deal with issues/concerns quickly and keep parents well informed'.
  • 'We feel privilged to have such and amazing school on our doorstep - thank you! Sometimes I'm jealous of X - her lessons seem so much fun!'
  • 'We are delighted with school'.
  • 'We have had an excellent experience with Gisburn School'.
  • 'Quality of teaching is excellent'.
  • 'Staff are friendly and fun!'
  • 'We really like the text messaging information service and being able to make payments online is great'.
  • Parents are always made to feel welcome - there is a lovely sense of community'.
  • 'Can't praise School enough - keep up your hard work, thank-you'.
  • Gisburn School is an excellent school which provides an excellent foundation for the children'.