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‘Give Them Wings So They Can Fly!’

Curriculum Design

Our Curriculum Intent Statement...

We believe all of our children possess unique talents, skills and qualities. Our curriculum aims to foster, develop and enhance the lives of our learners.


Our School motto: Give Them Wings So They Can Fly!” encapsulates what our curriculum achieves.


We provide a thoughtfully designed, full and engaging curriculum which motivates, empowers and challenges all pupils. We provide a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum with stimulating and enriching experiences which allow our children to immerse themselves fully in a topic and recognise the importance and impact on learning that all subjects have to offer.


Our unique and diverse curriculum design is based on our clear understanding of our children, our local area and the knowledge and skills required by our children living in the ever changing 21st Century. We provide rich and varied contexts for children to acquire, develop and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills so that they are fully prepared for their own next steps and their future life in modern Britain, by setting themselves high standards of achievement in all aspects of their life. Our curriculum is designed to build on what has been taught previously and develops interpersonal skills, builds resilience and encourages children to become creative, critical and highly motivated deep thinkers.


Our curriculum has a strong focus on the basic skills of reading, writing and maths so that children are able to access our broad and balanced curriculum. Teaching and learning focuses clearly on the principles of high quality teaching and learning and the EEF’s 5-a-day principles are the basis for every lesson at Gisburn Primary School, ensuring that learning sticks. The 5-a-day principles are an expectation in every lesson, ensuring a consistent teaching approach which is ambitious and has a high level of challenge for all.


We develop well-rounded, confident children who exemplify our school values of:


Children achieve their personal best and move to the next stage of their education well prepared for the exciting new challenges ahead. We want our children to recognise and celebrate our values and build a life based on them, so that they are: kind and honest; respectful to one another and know right from wrong, thus helping to build a moral world based on opportunity for all.