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Yrs. 2 & 6 Safety Talks - Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service...

Thank you to Sophie from the Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service for kindly coming into school to deliver safety talks to our Yrs. 2 & 6 children.


Yr. 2 increased their knowledge about fire risks and awareness of what to do in the event of a fire. They learnt about the dangers of matches and lighters; what to do if clothes catch fire using the “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique; what a smoke alarm is and the importance of having a working one; the importance of having an escape action or fire plan (similar to a fire drill in school) and applied an escape action plan through role play and how to call 999.


Yr. 6 looked at road safety and considered how they will travel to their High School safely and planned their route. They learnt about the importance of wearing seatbelts and using appropriate car seats; safe cycling including wearing cycle helmets; pedestrian safety; be safe be seen and  not causing a distraction when travelling in a car.