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A Smooth & Effective Transition – EYFS to Year 1

Transition into Year 1 starts in Reception.    Mrs Hubbs and I talk to the children, swap classes, lead workshops, share story times, perform class assemblies for each other. We know their strengths and their unique characters.  We know where they are and where they need to go. We want our children to feel excited as they move up into Year 1. We want them to be inspired and to look forward to the challenge that Year 1 has to offer.  Successful transition between Reception and Year 1 is essential for the wellbeing of our children. We aim for every child to flourish and become passionate learners as they continue their learning journey through school.


Throughout Autumn Term there will be a gradual change in teaching styles from more informal to more adult-led teaching. Making it fun, focussed and familiar! We will move them gently towards the National Curriculum so that each child can develop into more formal learning at their own unique pace. Continuous Provision will provide increasingly challenging and valuable learning opportunities throughout both Year 1 (as well as Year 2), enabling children to revisit and embed skills and knowledge, whilst continuing to strengthen the effective learning behaviours they had when they left Reception.


Miss Gervis